Free Supreme Heat

FREEPREME offers the most hyped Supreme items along with other grails, such as Yeezys, completely free of charge to our users. We give each item listed a set goal to reach, and once that goal is reached we randomly select a FREEPREME user to win that item. The longer you spend on FREEPREME once logged in, the more entries you earn in each drawing, which dramatically increases your odds of winning. You can even leave FREEPREME running in the background while at work or school. As FREEPREME gets more active users, the more frequent drawings will be held and the more hyped the items will become. So spread the word to your friends and on social media.

Hyped Items


FREEPREME only offers 100% authentic items. We will never list a replica or fake item. As FREEPREME grows, the value of the items we can offer will dramatically increase. Also more active users lets us list items more frequently, giving users more chances of winning.

What's The Catch


In exchange to offering extremely valuable Supreme items for free to our users, FREEPREME asks logged in users to let us use a small percentage of their computers power to pay for the items. Nothing is installed on users’ computers or phones and the site is completely virus, spyware and malware free.

Earn Entries Away

You can leave FREEPREME running on your browser while you’re at school, work or sleeping. With each second earning you more chances to win even while away.

Limit Performance

FREEPREME allows users to use as little or as much of their computers power to earn entries. The more power you allow us to use, the more entries you will earn.


FREEPREME is 100% virus, spyware and malware free. Nothing needs or will be installed on your computer or phone. We pride ourselves on being open and honest.

We're Fans Too

Here at FREEPREME we are also obsessed with Supreme. Every Thursday we're refreshing with you at 11am. Check out our Instagram for pictures of our personal collection.

100% Free of Charge

FREEPREME will always be free and never charge a user any amount of money. Memberships are free, as is the item and shipping if you win one of our drawings.

Grow With Us

As the number of active users on FREEPREME grows, so does the value of the items we can offer. More users also means that we will do more frequent drawings.